Pentaho Training in Hong Kong


I’m about to leave HongKong, were I was in charge of the first Pentaho Training in Asia, on behalf of Pentaho, for a limited but motivated number of trainees (8 skillfull people). This training was organised by Brainchild, Pentaho partner for the Asia region. I want to thank Patrick Choi for the organisation of this event, and Tom Wix, from Pentaho, for having dedicated this training to me.

This training – ETL&Olap – was really cool ! Trainees have interesting – some high – experience of Open Source technologies, and were happily surprised by the quality and features available in the Pentaho Platform. As usual, leaving after the training is always a sad moment, because you have shared so many things with those people during 4 days, and you may never see them again. This is mostly the case when training is shared with “Open Source pioners” : so much pleasure training & meeting new people … and leaving. I’m certain new questions will come in the next coming days, and we will exchange some nice mails about Pentaho & others big Open Source players.

This training was also an opportunity for me to discover Hong-Kong. So fascinating town, I really had a “coup de coeur” for this town, as never before in any other foreign town. Thanks to Patrick Choi, I have discovered Korean and Chineese restaurants … and I did survived (I was scared having some digest problems … but all was really ok).

Soon back in Europe, I will go on pushing Open Source BI and platforms, waiting for the next opportunity to come back and visit another Asian country

Have Fun,


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