Introduction to Intalio

Dear readers,

If you need a Business Process Management system, just have a look at Intalio. The plateform is nice to manage your enterprise process and flexible enough to integrate external processes, using Web Services technologies. Intalio is a Palo Alto company that provide an Open Source version of its platform, along with an Enterprise version for supported customers. Their Business Model is a proven one in the Open Source area, and they have good success and a large customer base.

May be some of you have no vision or knowledge of using a BPM platform : just think you have to organise some process and integrate external results (manual validation, automatic process …). Intalio does it for you, providing a designer to draw your workflow and a server to deploy it on the Web. This is the kind of software everybody has always looked for, but never dreamt to find in Open Source.

Intalio platform does more than only scheduling or organising your process : it validates the process for you, ensure the integrity of a global workflow and can embed as many Business Processes as you will never be in position to design. Next year, we are planning to integrate our servers (FreeAnalysis, FreeMetrics and FreeDashboard) with Intalio, then, I’m certain I will come back to you with more details about our future successfull integration …

Have Fun !



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