Some News of FreeDashboard

Well, today, just some quick notes about FreeDashboard, because I have received many questions about this new project.

Over the last 2 weeks, we have added news components, such as a consistent filter interface that allow the design of multi-linked filters, with or without automatic refresh of the result, and we have cleaned the integration of our FreeMetrics components (to embed Alerts and KPI into the Dashboard). Last good news is that this week, we will finalize the integration of FreeAnalysis report, which will leverage the usage of the 3 Platforms together, with FreeDashboard as an integration environment (development and deployment). We have made some modification in the XML document that contains dashboard definition, and reviewed some of the initial features according to some external requests.

What about packages availability ? We are not late, always forecasting to delivere something by the end of november. We will run various tests and write a “getting started” document to help developers starting with the platform. We are still accepting early tester (send a request at, and we will soon launch our new support Web site. All goes in the right direction … just keep confident and keep listen to more news soon.

Have Fun !



One Response

  1. If you are OK, I can help you for testing this new great platform…
    And made some functionnal tests on specific use cases.


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