Meeting Mondrian

Dear readers,

Last week, I was in SanFrancisco and took this opportunity to meet Julian Hyde, Mondrian leader and promoter. It was a real pleasure to meet with Julian, to put a picture on a mail address and to be abble to share some thinkings about Mondrian and Open Source Olap market. FreeAnalysis platform is based on top of Mondrian, so our future development are currently linked with the evolution of Mondrian. Some of our customers have high expectations in terms of Olap features, and one of my objective for this meeting was to better understand how Mondrian will evolve in the next coming months.

Unfortunatly, I went out of this meeting with more open questions than answers … Julian has a lot to do, and days are only 24 hours a day, even for the most motivated person. This situation is common in many Open Source projects not sponsored by privatly held companies : maintenance is a hard job, and every project needs more resources to develop new versions along with providing support and maintenance. If all available time is spent on those subjects, which are mandatory if you want people to use and promote your software, development cycle and versions delivery process are slow down by this lack of resources. Questions to have external employees involved in open source projects is also a tricky subject to manage, and there are no right or wrong answer … just a question of honesty and respect.

I’d like to close this post by a more important information : last wednesday, during this discussion with Julian, a boat had an accident, leading to one lof the most important oil spill in San Francisco Bay. As date of this writting, 200 people were working on the cleanup and had recovered about 9,500 gallons of the oil … just to bring the relative importance of our Mondrian’s subjects

Have Fun !



3 Responses

  1. Hello Patrick,

    Open Source can help you when you think it’s to hard to organize your mind and ideas…
    Some free products helps us for that :
    Please see ” ” for more informations.

  2. Thanks Sylvain,

    I didn’t know there was such a great tool – freemind – available now. Could be usefull, but in the specific business case of Mondrian, situation is different : this is not a question of organisation and ideas, but a question of resources I think


  3. Yes, if you don’t have sufficient resources…
    You have nothing to plan !

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