FreeDashboard unleash Dashboard development cycle

Today, I want to introduce FreeDashboard, our new platform dedicated to Dashboard management ! FreeDashboard is the result of months of analysis and development, started in march 2007. After 7 months of project, we can be proud to delivere the first module of this new platform : FreeDashboard Designer, an Open Source Eclipse based Studio that can be used to produce Pentaho compliant JSP Dashboard.

We showed FreeDashboard last friday to our Pentaho partners, just after the presentation of Kettle 3.0 by Matt Caster. Matt’s presentation was a real show : as usual, Kettle is a so nice platform, full of interesting features and “performance oriented” …. the assistance was under the spell of Kettle. After Thomas Morgner presentation (roadmap to JFreeReport 1.0), Ludovic showed FreeDashboard. It seems that the platform received good vibration from the partners and that our job may get rapid significant recognation from Dashboard developers.

This platform has many interests : it runs pentaho xaction, it can be used to attribute Dashboard development to less technical developers (no JSP knwoledge is required), and it can be used to manage .freedashboard XML documents that describe Dashboard’s content. There is more to come with this platform, but the beginning is already a “must to have”.

Agenda for FreeDashboard is really simple : from now until november 19th, we will use it with partners to develop some Dashboards (customer projects), then test & debug the studio. We will give ourself an additional week to prepare documentation and packages, and then, the product will be publicly available for your pleasure.

Have Fun,


Design Studio

FreeDashboard Design Studio

Simple Result

FreeDashboard Result


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