Olivia’s arrival

Good news today !

So many things happened since we’ve started our Open Source adventure, both good things and bad things, and we always tried to make the good things even better, and to work hard to have the bad things becoming “bad old souvenir”

But the best of the best is always the birth of a new baby, so I’m please to announce the birth of Olivia, first daughter of Cédric Claidière, one of our leader in Pentaho and FreeAnalysis implementation. Olivia and Emilie are OK .. they are now starting a new life, from 2 to 3. Cédric has recently started his own blog (only declare is URL : http://claidiere.wordpress.com/) … but didn’t get time enough to post any news. We are now all expecting that Cédric will post some good picture of his baby ! We all send our best wishes to Cédric, his wife Emilie and their baby Olivia.

Sometimes, we post news about “virtual baby”, such as new version of some packages … but let’s come down to earth : this is nothing compare to a real baby !

Have Fun !


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