FreeDashboard unleash Dashboard development cycle

Today, I want to introduce FreeDashboard, our new platform dedicated to Dashboard management ! FreeDashboard is the result of months of analysis and development, started in march 2007. After 7 months of project, we can be proud to delivere the first module of this new platform : FreeDashboard Designer, an Open Source Eclipse based Studio that can be used to produce Pentaho compliant JSP Dashboard.

We showed FreeDashboard last friday to our Pentaho partners, just after the presentation of Kettle 3.0 by Matt Caster. Matt’s presentation was a real show : as usual, Kettle is a so nice platform, full of interesting features and “performance oriented” …. the assistance was under the spell of Kettle. After Thomas Morgner presentation (roadmap to JFreeReport 1.0), Ludovic showed FreeDashboard. It seems that the platform received good vibration from the partners and that our job may get rapid significant recognation from Dashboard developers.

This platform has many interests : it runs pentaho xaction, it can be used to attribute Dashboard development to less technical developers (no JSP knwoledge is required), and it can be used to manage .freedashboard XML documents that describe Dashboard’s content. There is more to come with this platform, but the beginning is already a “must to have”.

Agenda for FreeDashboard is really simple : from now until november 19th, we will use it with partners to develop some Dashboards (customer projects), then test & debug the studio. We will give ourself an additional week to prepare documentation and packages, and then, the product will be publicly available for your pleasure.

Have Fun,


Design Studio

FreeDashboard Design Studio

Simple Result

FreeDashboard Result

Olivia’s arrival

Good news today !

So many things happened since we’ve started our Open Source adventure, both good things and bad things, and we always tried to make the good things even better, and to work hard to have the bad things becoming “bad old souvenir”

But the best of the best is always the birth of a new baby, so I’m please to announce the birth of Olivia, first daughter of Cédric Claidière, one of our leader in Pentaho and FreeAnalysis implementation. Olivia and Emilie are OK .. they are now starting a new life, from 2 to 3. Cédric has recently started his own blog (only declare is URL : … but didn’t get time enough to post any news. We are now all expecting that Cédric will post some good picture of his baby ! We all send our best wishes to Cédric, his wife Emilie and their baby Olivia.

Sometimes, we post news about “virtual baby”, such as new version of some packages … but let’s come down to earth : this is nothing compare to a real baby !

Have Fun !


SourceForge is a non sens

Well, I just wanted to write some comments about our SourceForge experience, knowing that I won’t write a lot because this forge has no more any interest to my eyes.

As an OpenSource editor, we’ve made our first experience on code delivery on SourceForge. Beginning was OK, and we get immediate success for FreeAnalysis due to the forge position and Pentaho’s presence on it. But after some months, we were just not abble to know who was using our package, who was getting access to the code, and some integrists or competitors claimed to have deep access to source code, without any guaranty or even knowing their name and the purpose of their request. And unfortunatly SourceForge is encouraging those people, in the name of being “Open”. Others may say “this is Open Source” … no sorry, this is not “Open Source” when someone can come in your house, take everything and leave in 5 secondes without even bringing support on your code.

What about intellectual property and R&D investment ? Nothing, they just don’t care ! What kind of support did we get in our discussion with SourceForge ? Nothing … strange position for a forge that claim to be a place for developers ! And when we decided to leave this forge, they just let old package available, so that some users may still use those “so old” packages forever … what is the kind of respect for users to let those people use old packages ? I have read that SourceForge has 1’900 open requests … this is a good representation of the situation …

There are so many projects available on Sourceforge, but most of the news platform behave the same : they simply publish non usabble code (so simple with SVN). So what is better : leaving or letting people think that “they can” … but “they can’t” ?

We will take our time to move to another forge. This first experience was interesting, but now we are looking for more (more features, more security, more support). Many other forges such as GForge or Javaforge may be good places to give access to our packages. By now, we just setup an HTTP server to have “FreeAnalysis 1.0 RC2” available for everyone who cares about it.

Have Fun,