2 BI Platforms available

It appears that over the last 5 weeks, we’ve done so many things around our platforms FreeAnalysis and FreeMetrics that I just forget to post on my blog !

This concerns both – our development & organisation, but also our deployment strategy. For deployment, we have left the Sourceforge server, for reasons that I shall explain in a later blog. This lead us to have a specific FTP server were we have stored the FreeAnalysis platform, and arrange some “funny and time consuming” mail system to provide access to this server. This situation will change soon, as we will move to another more professional Forge, always in Open Source.

On development & organisation, it was time now for us to go for Release Candidate. And we succeed, nearly in time. But 2 weeks of delay is nothing compare to what we did, and what we provide now. Thanks to Alain, Emmanuel, Ludovic, Ronan and Emilien for their job : they made FreeAnalysis and FreeMetrics a reality. There is no return back ! Over the last 4 weeks, we have seen 4 important companies testing and taking FreeAnalysis & FreeMetrics for their Olap and Balanced ScoreCard projects. As always : when a business project meets a technical teams, some new kind of software can be turn into real usefull products. And if a product is usefull, success will be their !

2 platforms instead of 1 ! Is this time for us for sharing beers and have extra funny time ? No … we just entered into a new challenging project that can definitly change the way OpenSource BI is seen by commercial organisation. Just let me 2 or 3 weeks, and I’m certain some of our developers will provide the comunity with new magic pieces of software …

Have Fun,



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