Last Run before official release

Dear FreeAnalysis Fans !

Those Last 2 weeks, we have done so many things around the Freeanalysis Platform, added so many new features, and performed so many tests & debug that we are now close to release version “1.0 RC1” around mid-september.

We have added molap support using our FreeAnalysis Schema Designer, and its running pretty well. Now, developer can choose to deploy rolap or molap cubes, with an easy to use wizard interface

Also came a new version of FreeAnalysis Web, embeded into Pentaho 1.6 with Spring support to increase performance and support for Pentaho security mechanism !

And last but not the least, we have finished the migration toward Mondrian 2.3 (just when Mondrian 2.4 was released !) and clean the interface of FreeAnalysis client. Using Mondrian 2.3 provide much better performance results. Using “mondrian 2.3 + Spring 2.0 technology” on the server side turned the FreeAnalysis Platform into a powerfull Holap server, that can compete against leading commercial Olap platforms. Thanks to Mondrian great Job and thanks to BPM’s developers and testers !

Along with “1.0 RC1”, we will review the roadmap for version 2.0, forecasted in 2008. Technology is moving, and there are many subjects to include in upcoming intermediar versions. If some of you needs some features, it’s time to write it in this post !

Have Fun !



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