2 years now !

Its been 2 years that we started using the Pentaho platform, since our first mail conversation with James Dixon and Richard Daley. Evolution of the Platform is so impressionant, with the addition of ETL, Reporting and Olap engine, Datamining and recently Metadata management and Web reporting facilities.

Internally in my company, turning the activity from commercial to Open Source BI activity has lead to discovering a new world of business, a world where limits are not yet defined, but in the same time, it has also lead to some frustration for “old commercial BI consultant”. Then, over the last 2 years, the composition of our company has radically changed,
from a BI integration company into an open Source development & integration/support company. Most important is not to change our products, but rather to keep confident with the editor and to have fun in our every day job !

It is amazing to see how people have growed during those last 2 years : not only our partners, but also our old commercial BI customers and some new Open Source BI users. Implementation of an Open Source BI platform is focused on making people using the application … I may encourage readers of this blog to just review the situation of commercial BI implementation …

And we are just at the starting point of this Open Source Business Intelligence revolution … there is more to come ! new people involved in the development and promotion, integrators and users will soon join this Open Source wave. Open Source BI Platform will be soon available as ‘facilities’ … just like J2E Platform or database when Open source meet development and deployment standards

Have Fun !


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