A new package is born

FreeAnalysis Schema Designor is now available !

Last week (friday 13th !) was the first publication of the package, after 4 months of hard work, involving 4 persons (thanks to Alain, Ludovic and Emmanuel for their investment on this project), many testers on 3 differents subjects :
– this new package (aka : FASD),
– FreeAnalysis API (to have it “fasd” compliant)
– FreeAnalysis Java itself (to have FreeAnalysis Java opening .fasd projects).

This new piece of software is a must for us ! It was one of the last missing piece of our Freeanalysis Platform.
Making this software available is a so exciting moment, because we are waiting for the Mondrian comunity to use FASD,
and bring us their comments and support. But we also understand that this is just the beginning of the packag’s life.

We have a long roadmap until the end of 2007, on this package but also on other new packages such as the rewrite
of the Web interface. Those Challenges are the ciment of our team. All the people who want to help us are welcomed,
not only developers, but also promoters (my current role) of the full platform and users/customers.

Now we are back on the roadmap, bug fixing, enhancement, new features and nice-to-have functions. A full google spreadsheet of requests ! This is the second part of the life of our new baby : turning it into a young boy (Alain’s favorite word !).

Have Fun,

2 Responses

  1. Hi Patrick,

    I have been looking at the FreeAnalysis project for a few weeks now, and I think it is amazing to see how fast you guys are moving forward. A couple of weeks ago, the CubeBrowser was not yet available for Linux, and now it is! Great, I love it! And you are adding a whole bunch of new tools too.

    I am a bit puzzled though how you guys envision the position of your platform with regard to Pentaho..,I mean, do you envision FreeAnalysis as more of a client side or desktop environment, complementary to the Web platform offered by Pentaho?

    Anyway – I am following you with great interest and looking forward to see how the FreeAnalysis project will develop.

    kind regards,

    Roland Bouman

  2. hello Roland,

    Thansk for your message & support.

    The position of FreeAnalysis “around” the Pentaho platform is something open. We want to use Mondrian as a library and provide a full functional server that support both rolap and molap cube technologies. What is clear for us is that we want to be a viable alternative to JPivot.

    In addition, we want to provide and support a full range of packages, from designer to Web client, through open API to support other Olap datasource. T4/2007 will be a challenging period for us, because we will delivere the first comprehensive Olap platform. All our developers are focused on this challenge !

    Kind Regards,

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