A new package is born

FreeAnalysis Schema Designor is now available !

Last week (friday 13th !) was the first publication of the package, after 4 months of hard work, involving 4 persons (thanks to Alain, Ludovic and Emmanuel for their investment on this project), many testers on 3 differents subjects :
– this new package (aka : FASD),
– FreeAnalysis API (to have it “fasd” compliant)
– FreeAnalysis Java itself (to have FreeAnalysis Java opening .fasd projects).

This new piece of software is a must for us ! It was one of the last missing piece of our Freeanalysis Platform.
Making this software available is a so exciting moment, because we are waiting for the Mondrian comunity to use FASD,
and bring us their comments and support. But we also understand that this is just the beginning of the packag’s life.

We have a long roadmap until the end of 2007, on this package but also on other new packages such as the rewrite
of the Web interface. Those Challenges are the ciment of our team. All the people who want to help us are welcomed,
not only developers, but also promoters (my current role) of the full platform and users/customers.

Now we are back on the roadmap, bug fixing, enhancement, new features and nice-to-have functions. A full google spreadsheet of requests ! This is the second part of the life of our new baby : turning it into a young boy (Alain’s favorite word !).

Have Fun,

Open Source Training

As some may already know, along with the development of the FreeAnalysis Platform, we are promoting the Pentaho Open Source BI platform. Pentaho is a nice platform, that embed usefull engine such as a report engine (JFreeReport, from Thomas Morgner), a rolap engine (Mondrian) and an ETL engine (Kettle, from Matt Casters).

My company is regularly organizing training sessions on the Pentaho Platform, and training became an important part of our revenus (we may have a long discussion on business models in Open Source software …). In addition, our partnership with Pentaho gave us the chance to travel in India, for example, to perform training session on behalf on Pentaho.

Last week training, a Pentaho FastTrack session in Lyon, gave us the opportunity to meet manager from Scub, an early promoter of Jonas application server. Scub is a human sized company based in Angouleme, Stephane and Juanito wanted to investigate the potentialof Open Source BI. Training session was so interesting : more than a simple Pentaho, discussion moved to Web & java development technology and framework. After some strong discussion about Framework, Stephane Traumat, from Scub make a presentation of GWT. Immediatly, Alain, our CT, just fall in love with GWT , which seems to be the answer to some of our current problem of duplicating ressources and knowledge in java and Web 2.0 worlds.

As usual, working sessions involving techy people always give so inetresting results. IT is a passion for most of us, not just a business. In 1 hour of presentation, a new technology can be found and understood by people facing the same challenge. Scub has some interesting success in using GWT for their Web 2.0 development … and Alain is now willing to rewrite FreeAnalysis Web using GWT

Have Fun !