Managing Open Source 2.0 Projects

Well, let’s talk about my position in the FreeAnalysis project : unlike Kettle, JFreeReport or JFreeChart, I’m not the major developer of Freeanalysis, but the promoter of the platform. This is an interesting job, but sometimes you feel alone, when having to deal with new features requests and bug tracking. Simply because I can’t perfom modification or enhancement. Simply because my job is to manage the platform and be certain that customers will have support, services and training. We target professional companies and end users. This is Open Source 2.0 ! FreeAnalysis is a major component of our strategy, and at my company, we are all focus on making FreeAnalysis a success.

In fact, this week, I had a training session. Always nice to meet customers involved in an Open Source project. Always interesting to have discussion about “old commercial BI software”, and how they manage to move to Open Source software, not because they want to have access to code, but primary for deployment cost. There is a lot of expectation around Open Source BI, but also expectation in other area, such as human ressources management or budget&planning management.

During this time, FreeAnalysis platform has moved forward, and we are all exciting to lauch the new 0.7x series very soon. We have all worked hard on this new series, developers, CTO and promoters. We had some pressure, internal strong discussion … but most important is that we finally reached our objectices.

Freeanalysis 0.7x series will be a king of leapfrog in the Open Source Olap landscape. We are 1 month late (roadmap), but finally we are abble to offer this new platform to comunity. Summer time is here, and most of us want to have some rest. Because developing an open source software is a real professional project, not only a hobby !

Have Fun,


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